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Welcome to the FMS Counseling Department

     Welcome to Frankfort Middle School Guidance Services. Our student services include classroom guidance, small group guidance & counseling, and individual counseling. We frequently collaborate with parents, teachers, and other interested adults and agencies who all work together to promote student success. Our goal is to help students manage themselves to succeed in all areas - academically, socially, emotionally, and ethically.
     The FMS guidance program helps students set goals for now and the future to achieve academic success, develop behavior strategies needed to be engaged high-achieving students, and improve interpersonal & character skills to become productive citizens of our school and community. We facilitate successful school transitions by helping new 6th graders adjust to being middle school students, and by assisting 8th graders in preparing for high school. We help all students investigate future educational and career options. We continue to promote our “Character Counts” program and the “TRRFCC” Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Mr. Hines - school social worker for students whose last names begin with A through L - ext. 4309
Mrs. DeWitt- school counselor for students whose last names begin with M through Z - ext. 4308
Mrs. Miller - office clerical & student records support - ext. 4303

Indiana Career Explorer is a free online career exploration and planning system and is available to all Hoosiers 6th grade and up. ICE is already widely utilized by middle and high schools across the state. Students are given free lifetime access to this system once they register an account. In the ICE system, students can take career assessments, explore careers and postsecondary education options, find postsecondary institutions, learn about and search for financial aid opportunities, build a high school course plan, complete the IN Graduation Plan and so much more!

For Help from the Counselors….
Guidance referral forms are available in the office for use by teachers and parents.  If students are seeking our help and we are not immediately available, they may fill out an appointment slip (located in a black rack near the counter phone) and place it in the blue pawprint box between our office doors.  We will call them back in when we are available. 
Parents may contact the counselors at any time by phone, email or visit if they have a concern about their child.
Mr. Hines (student last names A-L) 765-659-3321 ext. 4309,
Mrs. DeWitt(student last names M-Z) 765-659-3321 ext. 4308,

21st Century Scholars Financial Aid Program for College
Families with 7th & 8th grade students are encouraged to register their student for the 21st Century Scholars program. This form of state financial aid will, upon high school graduation, help pay tuition for students at any college or technical school in the state of Indiana.  Enrollment must occur by June 30 of the student's 8th grade year. Families must meet income eligibility requirements (same as the Federal free/reduced lunch program) and students must fulfill the Scholars Pledge. During their 4 years of high school, students complete the Scholar Success Program to develop readiness for college.

All enrollments must be done online. Families must provide this information in order to enroll:

  • student's social security number (proof of citizenship)
  • student's address, date of birth
  • parent/guardian's social security number or taxpayer identification number
  • gross income amounts for all members of the household (use 2015 income amounts from 2015 Federal tax return)
  • a valid email address

This financial aid program (along with many others) can provide students with the money they will need to go to college.  FMS and the Purdue Learning Network will host some open computer labs during the second semester to help families wishing to enroll online.  Parents may also receive individual assistance with the enrollment process by scheduling an appointment with their child’s middle school counselor, or by contacting contact Esmeralda Cruz at the Purdue Learning Network, 1111 S. Jackson St, 765-659-6380. 

Here is the website where families can obtain more information and complete the enrollment:


Purdue Learning Network – Free Tutoring
The Purdue Extension Learning Network, 1111 S. Jackson St, is again offering tutoring for middle and high school students all school year, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-5:30pm.  It is free and requires NO advance registration.  Students must provide their own transportation.  Printed flyers are available in the office.

Learn More Indiana
Learn More Indiana is a partnership of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Indiana Department of Education, and Indiana Department of Workforce Development.  Every fall they provide the Learn More Student Success Guide (magazine) for all students, and sponsor College Go Week, Cash for College and Career Ready annual campaigns. The guidance department uses this magazine and some of the activities in it during the course of the year, as we periodically present classroom guidance lessons to all grade levels.  Learn More Indiana also sponsors the County College Success Coalitions (of which FMS is a member here in Clinton County) as well as the LMI Student Survey available state-wide and taken by our students near the end of the school year. LMI’s excellent website is a great resource for college & career planning; check it out at:  You can also find Learn More Indiana on Facebook and Twitter.

Character Counts
The Character Counts program, sponsored by the Josephson Institute, has been in place at Frankfort Middle School since 2007.  This program is not a specific curriculum, but rather a framework designed to infuse good character and ethical decision-making throughout the entire school culture and curriculum. CSF elementary schools also use this program, so our middle school students have been exposed to the Six Pillars of Character at CSF for their entire school career.  When the counselors ask every student to write goals at the beginning of the year, one of the goals requires selecting a character trait in which the student wants to improve their behavior, and then listing strategies for demonstrating that particular character trait.
Many Character Counts student recognition cards have been issued so far this year – this program recognizes our students' good character in action!  Along with the card that goes home, the student’s name is posted in the cafeteria. The traits recognized most frequently so far are responsibility, caring and citizenship.

Bullying Prevention
Bullying prevention and intervention is taken seriously at Frankfort Middle School.  Every year, all staff and students are trained to identify incidents of possible bullying and take action when they occur.  A 3-step response is taught and periodically reviewed:  1) STOP – tell the instigator to stop. 2) WALK – walk away and ignore the problem behavior. 3) TALK – talk to the closest adult and immediately report the incident.  Also included in the training is the appropriate response students are to use when accused of being an instigator.  A reporting and follow-up procedure documents incidents and resulting actions taken with all involved parties – target, instigator and witnesses.  This program, from (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) is an effective, research-based program recommended by the Indiana Department of Education.  This year’s training was completed in October.