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Benefits to Having Family Meals

Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditionally the times of the year when families get together to sit down, eat meals, and enjoy each others company.   Studies show that children benefit all year long by sitting down to the table and enjoying a family meal. It is easy to let family meals go by the wayside because of busy schedules, but the benefits of sitting down as a family and enjoying food will make life long changes for your children.
Many surveys indicate frequent family meals are related to better nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. Children eat more fruits, vegetables and fewer snacks. Children who eat scheduled meals with their families tend to do better in school, have stronger family ties and it allows parents to keep track of their children’s lives leading to better physical and mental health.
Keep meals simple and nutritious.   Allowing children to help prepare the meal will encourage them to eat what they have fixed. No matter how simple the meal, at least once or twice a week, take the time to sit down, eat, and enjoy your family.   Make it a pleasant experience and not a time for discipline or arguments. Spending time as a family will help your children form a positive attitude about food and create family memories that will last a lifetime.